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Discover, track and compare audit, governance, regulatory and financial metrics of Nigerian entities…speedily, easily and conveniently… all in one place, in the SWAGR® Database.

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Swoossh Audit, Governance and Regulatory (SWAGR®) Database is an online database/web application that provides investors, creditors, auditors, analysts, researchers, academics and other users the fastest and easiest access to audit, governance, regulatory and financial metrics of publicly listed entities in Nigeria.

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Interactive Infographics: Access Bank Plc vs GTBank Plc: Gross Earnings 2012 – 2018

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Until now, there was no way to speedily and easily access key audit and governance metrics of Nigerian entities. With SWAGR®, users can instantly discover, track and compare important metrics across several entities without first having to download numerous annual reports and financial statements. No more poring tirelessly over thousands of pages of reports before accessing basic corporate metrics. SWAGR® puts all the metrics in one place, takes the stress off you and saves you considerable time.


Launched with a focus on ease, speed and convenience, the WebApp is fully optimized for all devices including smartphones, providing users speedy access to key audit and governance metrics anywhere, anytime, right from the palm of your hands.

You can start with the FREE TRAIL of SWAGR® which enables access to the immense value loaded in the database without any commitment. Simply sign up for a free trial account and off you go.

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SWAGR® data is sourced from published annual reports, financial statements and other regulatory filings of Nigerian entities; providing metrics that are of greatest interest to investors, creditors, auditors, researchers, academics for speedy insights and decision making. By efficiently harmonizing corporate data, SWAGR® Database enhances the flow of investments and helps strengthen the Nigerian Economy.

Interactive Infographics: Access Bank Plc vs GTBank Plc: Gross Earnings 2012 – 2018

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