Swoossh.net’s mission is to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date repository of annual reports and financial reporting compliance tips on the internet, providing instant access to Nigerian publicly available reports and financials in their actual published format in one single location.

Presently, users obtain information on a company by contacting the investor relations department to request copies to be sent via traditional mail or by visiting individual company web sites. But if you’re researching several companies at once, you can save substantial time by accessing reports in one place on Swoossh.net.

Convenient, easy and speedy access to information enables better, faster and timely decision making by individuals, corporates, governments and the public at large.

That’s why we created Swoossh.net.


Start viewing annual reports on all your devices without needing to download them first so your devices don’t have to get cluttered with downloads.

Filter by industry, sort alphabetically or type a company name in the search box on top and push the enter button.


Swoossh is a free web application accessed through a browser and optimized for all devices including tablets and mobile phones. No need to visit an app store for downloads and installations.

Swoosh Mobile

However, for better convenience, you can create an app-like shortcut on your mobile devices in just 3 simple steps. This makes accessing Swoossh much easier and faster so you won’t have to type “swoossh.net” into your web browser anymore to use the app.


“We never knew we could find up to five years corporate governance information of our industry peers, all in one place, just a click away.”  – Board Member of a FMCG.

“Swoossh equipped me with vital information which helped to navigate my presentation to the board audit committee so easily.”  – CFO of a Nigerian Bank.