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Today, unemployment and underemployment are two of the biggest socio-economic problems in Nigeria as well as the rest of Africa. you-PROFILE is a platform for projecting individual talents to the world with the hope that they would be located for the right and suitable opportunities. We have the expectation and optimism that as leaders and influencers use the services on,  they’ll notice some of the great talents Africa boasts of and consider them for job and other great opportunities.


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We encourage continuous learning and education. Therefore, to remain on you-PROFILE, you are required to make simple knowledge contributions to the platform every week. All you have to do is open any annual report of your choice from the database, search for any interesting piece of information e.g. “profit for the year”,  “cash and cash equivalent” “earnings per share” etc. and share it in your comment box just below your profile.  This action confirms to us that you’re an active learner seeking great opportunities.


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