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Audit engagements 

Audit engagements from 2012 to date

Know which audit firm is auditing which company, from 2012 to date.

Quickly compare past and current audit engagements within and across industries

See engagement partners and recent rotations within firms and industries

Discover how long firms have been on engagements and when they are likely to rotate out.

FRC registration status of engagement partners 

Get insights for strategic positioning  of practice

Audit fee data 

Audit fee tracking since 2012 (IFRS adoption year in Nigeria)

Know and compare how much clients are paying for audit services 

Audit fee data for intra and inter industry comparisons and analysis

Audit fee data for trend analysis and strategic negotiations

Audit Reports


Key Audit Matters - KAMs: Easily discover and compare areas of most significance in audits

Key Audit Matters - KAMs: Easily discover and compare areas of most significance in audits

Discover entities with Going concern issues and Emphasis of matters.

Governance & Regulatory


Directors and Officers

Governance Metrics Tracking 

Past and present Board Chairmen.

Past and present CEOs

Past and present CFOs 

Company Secretaries and changes

Past and present Audit Committee Chairmen 

Audit Committee (AC) Size

FRC registration status of AC chairs for financial literacy insights

Gender Diversity –Board & Employees

Board Diversity - Male & Female

Employee Composition – Male & Female 

CSR Spend - Corporate Social Responsibility/ Sustainability

 Regulatory Metrics

Regulatory sanctions

Regulatory sanctions

Litigations, claims and other contingencies



Performance metrics

Gross Earnings of banks – 2012 to date 

Interest Income


Operating Profit

Profit before tax

Profit after tax/Profit for the year

Position metrics

Total Liabilities

Total Equity

Total Assets

Cash flow metrics

Cash generated from operations

Other Metrics

Board Expenses

Key Operational Spendings

Interactive Infographics

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