Frequently Asked Questions

What is Swoossh.net?

  • Swoossh.net is a free web application that enables convenient, easy and swift access to annual reports and financial statements in their actual format and in one single location.  So if you’re researching several companies at once, you can save substantial time by accessing reports in one place through Swoossh.net.

What information will I find on Swoossh.net?

  • Swoossh.net provides access to mostly annual reports and financial statements of Nigerian companies. However, several non-Nigerian annual reports can also be accessed through Swoossh.net.

Who uses Swoossh.net?

  • Users include shareholders, directors, audit committees, auditors, institutional and individual investors, money managers, company employees, financial institutions, academics, professionals, researchers and students.

Is Swoossh.net mobile enabled?

  • Swoossh.net is a user friendly web site optimized for mobile devices. With a simple and beautifully designed user interface, visitors are able to look for annual reports through several search criteria: alphabetically, by industry, by company name, or by stock exchange. Once a report is found, it can be viewed in PDF format.

Where does Swoossh.net get its information?

  • Swoossh.net repository contains publicly available annuals reports obtained from sources such as the internet. The annual reports and financial statements in our directory contain the exact information that would be seen in companies’ hard or online copy annual reports.

What is an annual report?

  • All publicly traded companies are required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  to publish certain financial information annually. The annual report is a publication that is distributed by these publicly traded companies to their shareholders. Most annual reports are very similar in the different types of information contained. Some of the common sections are: Chairman’s Statement, CEO’s Statement, Directors’ Report; Financial Highlights; Auditor’s Report; Statement of Financial Position or Balance Sheet; Statement of Comprehensive Income; Statement of Cash Flows; New Business; Year in Review; Complete list of Board Members. Because this information is audited and required by the SEC, Annual Reports are an excellent way to familiarize with a company.

Is Swoossh.net entirely FREE?

  • Access to annual reports and financial statements through Swoossh.net is absolutely FREE. However, there are some premium areas & services on Swoossh.net that require access passwords which are available to subscribers only. Premium areas include the “Executive Extracts & Peer Reviews”Please subscribe to obtain Passwords.

What benefits does Swoossh.net add to users?

  • Access on the go through mobile devices, speedy access to annual reports, quick industry peer reviews, convenience, ease and huge time savings are just some of the amazing benefits that Swoossh.net provides its users.