RegSMART© is a modular, concise and crisp tracking of financial data, one metric at a time, providing short bursts of highly focused actionable information and micro-insights through interactive charts and dashboards. It’s fully optimized for mobile devices so you’re always in the loop, anywhere, anytime, twenty-four-seven.


W H Y 


Because analytics don’t have to be complicated to be insightful. A little information at a time is easily and quickly digestible, and leads to increased retention, more engagement, faster decisions and better outcomes.

Add to that…

+ the enormous growth and use of the mobile phone

+ more millenials entering leadership roles in workplaces

+ a fast paced world

+ decreasing attention span

…and you immediately appreciate the need for swift access to simple and short bursts of bite-size highly focused microinsights accessible on the go, everywhere and anywhere.

M I C R O I N S I G H T S  O N  T H E G O.

T R A C K E D  M E T R I C S


We track various financial metrics and make them available to you on the go, swiftly and simply.

The metrics we track include sales/customer spend, income from e-business, insurance spend, security spend, training spend, working capital, cash flows, cash and cash equivalents, borrowings, lease financing, capital spend (CAPEX), business spend (OPEX), sectoral credit/loans, etc. across industries including healthcare, construction, financial services, insurance and consumer goods.

Speed & Ease. Two reasons we created Swoossh.